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Now You Can Do Everything Faster, Better and In-House

The Problem. If you're a business litigation attorney or paralegal, you probably know by now that litigation support software is terrible. It's too complicated, it costs too much, and it never does quite what you want it to do -- because it was designed by people who have never actually handled a lawsuit. You wind up paying not just for the software, but also for an army of vendors, paralegals and/or contract attorneys to use the software for you. That sucks for you and your clients.

One Lawyer's Response. I feel your pain. My name is Walter Whitman Moore, and I'm an experienced trial lawyer who taught himself how to make custom database apps to keep track of all the facts, documents, issues, testimony, and other bits of information involved in complex business litigation. Why did I teach myself how to make apps? Desperation. I had tried case management software from various large software companies, but it was obvious that the people who designed them had never actually handled a lawsuit. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, so I invented apps that work for me.

Your Solution for Nearly Everything: Atomic Briefcase. You and your firm can now enjoy the benefits of the apps that I have developed for litigation, which I have combined into single app called "Atomic Briefcase." Atomic Briefcase will enable you and your law firm's in-house team to do just about everything better and faster than ever, without having to hire an army of outside vendors whose bills you pass onto your clients. Examples of what you and your team can do in-house using Atomic Briefcase include the following:

  • Email Discovery. You upload email files directly into Atomic Briefcase, and then easily search and open the emails, and tag them based on whatever criteria you want (e.g., based on issue, witness, privilege, importance or whatever). For discovery, you can also export selected files using whatever names you want (e.g., DocProd 001, DocProd 002, etc.).That means the enemy cannot run up your client's expenses sky-high merely by asking for a ridiculous amount of e-discovery.

  • Document Discovery. This is pretty much the same story: you upload your documents into Atomic Briefcase, and then search, sort, tag and export whichever files you want, using whatever file names you want.

  • Exhibit Tracking. Don't you hate it when one document winds up getting 19 different exhibit numbers assigned to it? A given letter can wind up being Ex. 15 at one deposition, Ex. C at another, Ex. 4 to somebody's declaration, and so on. With Atomic Briefcase, that's not a problem. You can see, at a glance, all the exhibit numbers that have been assigned to a given document, so that you know which testimony is about which document.

  • Chronologies. Atomic Briefcase not only keeps track of your documents and emails, but also lets you take notes and link those notes to the documents and emails. You can tag the notes based on content (e.g., based on issues, or witnesses or importance), and generate chronologies for the case as a whole, or for your examination or cross-examination of a witness, or for opening statement or closing argument. So beautiful!

  • Witness Tracking. Atomic Briefcase lets you tag emails, documents and notes not just by issue, but by witness. You will not believe how much time you save preparing for a deposition or trial. You just click a button to pull up all of the documents and notes bearing on that witness's testimony.

  • Exhibit Lists and Witness Lists. With Atomic Briefcase, you don't have to type the same information over and over. As a result, you can instantly generate an exhibit list using document descriptions that are already in the database. You generate witness lists the same way: just check the box next to the name of each witness you intend to call.

  • Issue Tracking. As explained above, Atomic Briefcase lets you tag documents and notes based on whatever issues you like. That means you can instantly pull up, on your screen, only the documents, emails, notes, etc. that relate to any given issue. Plus, you yourself get to define the issues or tags however you like, rather than having to use some "one size fits all" set of tags. No more digging through a morass of documents. No more creating umpteen different folders on your computer into which you copy the same documents over and over. Don't use your folders as a faux database. That is chaos. Try Atomic Briefcase instead.

  • Discovery Responses. With Atomic Briefcase, you draft a given objection (e.g., attorney-client privilege or undue burden) or a given answer (e.g., a promise to produce all non-privileged documents) once, and only once. After that, you just check boxes to include the objection or answer in subsequent requests. So when the enemy bombards you with hundreds of redundant discovery requests, they're only wasting their time, not yours. Once you use Atomic Briefcase to draft discovery responses, you will never go back to copying and pasting again.

  • Separate Statements for Discovery Motions. It's the same story here: Atomic Briefcase lets you check boxes to include whatever points and authorities you want to make about a given request. No more scrolling up or down to copy and paste. Plus, if you decide you want to change a passage, you change it once, and that change is instantly made throughout the document.

  • Separate Statements for Summary Judgment Motions. Because you've actually drafted these, you know what a nightmare it is. But the nightmare is over, because with Atomic Briefcase, you just check boxes to designate which material facts apply to which causes of action or defenses, and all those pesky citations to supporting evidence follow along. Plus, if you need to make a change (e.g., to refer to a different passage of a deposition), you just make it once, and it instantly updates throughout your document.

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